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  • Released our first Github repository with code to generate tree crown models

    We released an open source program to generate simple tree crown models for lighting simulations based on gap percentage measurements, tree crown shape and dimensions. The Github repository can be found here.

  • Project reviews for the course Architectural Science and Technology

    I was invited as a reviewer for the course ‘Architecture Science and Technology’ at Singapore University of Technology and Design. More about the course can be found here.

  • Measuring and modelling equatorial light

    I successfully defended my PhD thesis titled ‘Measuring and Modelling Equatorial Light‘ at Singapore University of Technology and Design.

  • Measuring and modelling spectral composition of equatorial light

    Presented a part of my PhD research at the 17th International Radiance Workshop, Loughborough University, UK. I covered the significance of spectral daylight simulations and compared two currently available spectral daylight simulation…

  • Daylight as a Genius Loci

    Presented an overview of my PhD research at the Velux Daylight Academic Forum and a poster presentation for the 7th Velux Daylight Symposium titled ‘Healthy and Climate-Friendly Architecture‘ held in Berlin, Germany.

  • Measuring light through trees for daylight simulations

    I presented my PhD work on ‘Measuring Light Through Trees for Daylight Simulations: A Photographic and Photometric method‘at the 3rd IBPSA-England Conference Building Simulation and Optimisation at Newcastle, UK. The paper on…

  • Quantifying Materials in Lighting Simulations

    I presented my PhD project on methods to model trees for daylight simulations along with my advisor, Alstan J. Jakubiec, at the 14th International Radiance Workshop at Penn State in Philadelphia, US.…

  • Cool spots in hot climates

    I published a paper on a design framework to increase pedestrian comfort in a hot climate. The research was based on my master’s work at the Architectural Association and titled ‘Cool Spots…