Advanced Topics in Performative Design: Urban Sustainability

Teaching Assistant

Advanced Topics in Performative Design is an elective course for the ASD (Architecture and Sustainable Design) pillar at Singapore University of Technology and Design taught by J. Alstan Jakubiec. This seminar course teaches methods for the design and analysis of sustainable urban neighbourhoods and cities. Subtopics covered within this course include: walkability, outdoor thermal comfort, urban daylight potential, neighbourhood and building energy utilization, embodied energy, photovoltaic energy potential, and cogeneration systems. Large teams of 5-6 students work in a role mimicking that of designers and consultants where they must work together to bring their own specialized interests together in the design of a sustainable neighbourhood.

Topics covered

  • Thermal Performance
  • Urban Modelling
  • Photovoltaic Potential
  • Daylight Simulation
  • Urban Heat Island
  • Water Management